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New Patient Reviews:

Very Friendly and Helpful

The staff was very helpful in getting an appointment for me. Dr. Bradham was able to see me quickly and explained my treatment plan. Dr. Bradham and Nicole were able to do preliminary tests and x-rays to find the cause of my discomfort. They were able to start some modalities to alleviate my pain. Dr. Bradham and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

David M.

Fully Satisfied

Dr. Bradham explained everything throughly during our initial consultation and review of finding. He was able to answer all our questions fully and to our satisfaction. We have used other chiropractors in the past, but felt that Dr. Bradham and his staff were the right choice for the problems related to a car accident. Thank you for providing such professional services.

Elaine M.

Very Welcoming

I have been under chiropractic care with the same doctor in Virginia for 12+ years. When we moved to North Carolina I was stressed about finding a new chiropractor. The staff was very welcoming and Dr. Bradham was very reassuring. He took the time to do a complete exam and analyze my health before beginning treatment. His approach, while different from my previous doctor, was comfortable and effective. I look forward to continuing my care in my new home.

Jenny W.

Extremely pleased

I am extremely pleased with Dr. Bradham and how thorough he and his staff were with their explanations. I feel confident that my health will soon be restored.

Lissette Z.

Enjoyed My Experience

I have enjoyed my experience so far. Everyone is very nice and helpful. I feel confident that Dr. Bradham and his staff will do all they can to get me back on track regarding my health issues. I look forward to being better soon.

Jeannie J.

Sciatic Pain Gone

Very good experience. Went in to Dr. Bradham after two weeks of severe sciatic nerve pain in my back, hips and legs and taking pain pills from regular doctor. No relief at all. Walked out 45 minutes later with almost no pain at all. Still zero pain after three months. The staff and doctor are awesome. Proud and happy to recommend their services.

Steve C.

Very Impressed

Very impressed with the kindness, consideration, and professionalism by Dr. Bradham and his entire staff. They made me feel secure in the fact they were going to do all that could be done to help me improve and get better. Thank you!

Mark J.